Mt. Mariveles - Post Climb

August 11, 2000

Below is a transcript of the post-climb meeting last August 9, Wednesday.

What have we learned from it all?
The 3rd training climb is a 3-day (multi-day) climb set for August 25 to 27. It will be a traverse of Mt. Ugu from Nueva Viscaya to Benguet. The TL for this climb is Tey Walde of Batch 1994.


BMC 2000 goes back to the Artistsí Center at the Makati Park & Garden this weekend (Saturday and Sunday). The Saturday session will start at 8:00 AM. It is the extra session requested by the Makati Rescue for the basic first aid and basic life support course. The Sunday session will start at 5:00 AM so that the 12.0 km-run can start early. Andy Arboleda will give a lecture on high altitude climbing in the morning. Makati Rescue personnel will facilitate the high-angle rescue and rappelling course in the afternoon.

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