Mga Patawa sa Bundok

Jungle Love (it's makin me crazy) Wed, Dec. 20, 2000 7:20 am

One day in the jungle the animals were really bored. Nothing was going on and nothing had happened in a long time. So they went to the lion, the king of beasts, and complained about the lack of excitement. The lion told his subjects to come back in two hours and he'd issue a Royal proclamation. Two hours later all the animals gathered around in hopeful anticipation. The lion came out and said, "Here's my decision: In order to break the monotony around here I decree that we will all have a big orgy tonight." "Yay!!!" resounded from all the animals.

"Further, I impose two stipulations; no animal is allowed to have sex with someone of his or her own species, and no animal is allowed to use condoms." The animals thought this was fair and went off to begin the orgy. Later, the lion thought he'd stroll about and see how everyone was getting along. As he's walking he notices that the elephant is wearing a condom, in direct violation of his Royal decree.

"Elephant!" he roars, "Didn't you hear me when I said 'No condoms'?"

"Sire," replied the elephant, "It isn't what you think: the boa constrictor is giving me a blow job!"

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