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This site was created July 10, 2002 as a response to an email last December 12, 2000. Tagal na 'no? This unofficial site is a spinoff from the one located at []. We felt that it has grown big enough, and will continue growing, for it to deserve its own name on the NET.

Jim's World was aesthetically boring. A ho-hum world (nakatulog na lang ang moon). We hope this will be a slicker, snazzier site. Something that can complement the official site. (Click here for a screenshot of the site). Still, we want to maintain the simplicity of this site because we adhere to the manifesto of CAUGHT or Consortium Against Unnecessary Graphics and Hypertext Tags.

This will be a temporary repository of important and unimportant things about D' CLUB until the official website is in place. As this is a personal site, myAMCI is the place to find things you can never see posted in the official site--Xenon's Top Hunks, Hatol Group's Top Babes, Sky Biscocho's Hidden Trails and Itineraries, Latest Chisms and Bickerings in the AMCICHIKA Yahoo!groups, etc.

This is a good way to publicize this great CLUB, keep members informed, and attract a broader audience. We'll use this site to get the word out on our organization and create a better sense of community among our members. We'll also include pictures of our work and members.

Wish list:

  • flashing weather report
  • photos
  • newsletter
  • thoughts
  • maps
  • Committees: special projects, communications,
Making this Site:

Hardware: Compaq 486, 256-color mode screen
Software: Netscape Navigator 4.04. Internet Explorer 3. Windows 95. Wordpad.
Test platform: Pentium IV, DSL connection, Windows 98/2000/XP, IE6.+

Would you believe that this site loads faster on the internet (test platform) than locally on my machine? Well, Microsoft has stopped supporting Win95, but if I am still using it, then I guess there are still lotsa people with very slow machines, and connecting through dial-ups. That's why I'm optimizing this site for speed. As for the content, let the fairies handle it.

The code is done manually using wordpad. I could use MSWord then save it as an HTML file, but I still would have to open it in my text editor and hammer down on the extraneous codes that Word puts in. Not a very nice picture.

I hope I can get my hands on WinNet, and when Longhorn (NT6) comes out I'll be ready.

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