March 1, 2005
Took responsibility for the updating of the official AMCI site
I am now rebuilding the website team. If no one wants to help, then I guess I have to do it all by myself.
Also changed all references to email addresses in this site with a space before and after the @ sign. Hopefully that fools those robot spammers and not be able to harvest the emails here. Boy, if you only knew how many junk I have in my mailboxES.
Just changed copyright notice to 2005. Just about the same last year. Damn. I have to make it a point to change it before the year ends!
Trying out Dreamweaver MX. Best thing I can see about it is that it can handle my <includes>. AceHTML can't...yet. Just upgraded my PRO version to 6.05.2 last Feb. 15.

December 3, 2004
Mostly cosmetic changes for 3 months
I found a fix for the code that has been buggin' me since I started this site. Now I can put in the leaves on the left and right side of the pages. Probably I have to buy a REAL book about CSS. But the tips and tricks and hacks abound in the internet...FREE!
Have to work more on the site statistics. Found out that some visitors still use 800x600 screen resolution.
Also started a weblog. Visit it at MSN Spaces [click here]. Updated 2k3 members list. Special thanks to Jenny L. for that.

August 15, 2004
Frames. Messed up how advertising appears on the site. Now I have ads at the top and at the bottom. But no more popups! Drats. Changed creation date from July 10, 2002 to July 2, 2002. At least that was what tripod said it was... until I messed everything today. Haay.
Tripod hit counter says 7420. Wow. It may not be visit counts, but I think it's page view. Oh well...

July 20, 2004
Installed new site statistics from Lousy Page hits.

July 17, 2004
Changed code for the hitcounter. Finally. But I don't think it's gonna look good.
Visit count: 858

July 15, 2004
Minor revision on the Top Navigation Bar. It wasn't resizing correctly on some browsers. Sometimes, the texts were wrapping to the next line. Hopefully, that's fixed.
Made more cuts on the files for easier and faster editing. Hopefully changes on one file get reflected on all the files in the whole site. I'll be cutting more code on the pages.
Note to self: make revisions on the code for the pictures. Some browsers still allow the pictures to be saved easily. Haay. I got the code already. Just a matter of typing it in... Later dudes!
Visit count: 858

June 17, 2004
I just noticed today that the previous update was dated March 05, 2003. Hehe. Corrected that to 2004.
I'm still figuring out how to keep out the pesky "features" this website provider has ADDED to my webpages. I guess that's how they get their revenues. I'm just glad that my code to popup the pictures in the Photo Gallery has not been altered. Whew!
I never realized that people are using this website. The inquiries and responses I get range from the simple pat in the back to the usual "When are you gonna Update?". Insults, none so far. Threats, I got one a long time ago. Too bad I still have this I DON'T CARE attitude for things like this.
Most of the changes I've done so far are purely on the tech side. Things that make my life easier to maintain this site (and hopefully, to keep it updated). I have already mirrored this site to 2 other places, but no links to them can be found. I am also building and re-building 2 other websites.
Lots of work ahead. Yahoo! Mail has increased their mailbox size to 100MB. I'm still waiting for the 1GB from Gmail. I've already forgotten how I got the visitor count for this website. Gotta look for that. Somewhere.
Next goal is to update the itineraries, pictures, and training schedule for this year. Good luck to all of us. Happy Climbing!
Visit count: ?

March 05, 2004
Is it time for sore eyes again? Damn. My daughter (Baby Apo) had fun poking my eyes and nose when we were playing. Too bad my left eye couldn't handle it. Now, it's all teary and RED. I'll just be filing my 3 days SL, lest I scare my co-workers by giving them 'The Look'.
Well, what better thing to do than to update my website.
So many things has happened in one year. New daughter for me (born: May 29), newly inducted members, anniversary celebration at Marinduque island, etc. Nothing new for this site except that I have been getting emails from people who wanted to get hold of lost friends found in my Members List. BTW, one of those who inquired about AMCI from this site made it through the whole training and is now a member. Congrats! Oh, and I also changed the Copyright notice to 2004. Haay.
Visit count: ?

March 17, 2003
Released the first issue of mANE. Took me 3 major revisions and yet there are still errors. Unlucky Lotus Notes users who can't read it the way I want it. I wonder how it looks like on EDSAmail. Should have been released 3-3-03. Then Friday d' 14th. I hope I can release the 2nd issue on April FOOL's.
Updated Club History with pix of founding members. Added new member's websites. Had to remove JB's Geocities Site (by request) which he uses only for backdoor. More like file (images and mp3s) repository. Added new birthday celebrators from Ayin's email. Included link to Wena's pics at the photo gallery. Included initial pics for my Apo climb (1999 and 2002). Updated Members List for Batch 2000. It seems that the 35 listed are the *paid* ones. Now I even included those who did not finish the training. From 35 to 78.
Visit Count: 214

March 04, 2003
Suddenly, the problem with the popups is gone. Damn net gremlins! Updated sitemap links. More pix from hoymountaineer. Moved him up in the Gallery section.

February 28, 2003
Put new minipoll, page counters, link to a daily cartoon, and a password gate to Members-only pages. I hope I don't forget the username and password. Somehow, I fucked up Tripod's pop-up window. Sorry guys. You just have to close the mini-windows manually until I find the fix for this. Darn.

February 27, 2003
Got some new pictures from Hoy Mountaineer. Check out the Photo Gallery! Added Contact Info of 2003 Officers.

February 19, 2003
Finally! With some divine inspiration, I "got rid" of the bothersome pop-op windows.
Almost have ALL the BMC pages finished. Yahoo!

February 17, 2003
Updated Members List. I hope this time I got everybody! Included new stats on Homepage.

February 13, 2003
1 day before Valentines Day and I'm updating the site. Sheesh! Now I'm, getting an idea how the AMCI founders felt when they decided to make their 1st climb on Feb. 14, 1983. "L". Updated birthday celebrants. Modified look of "dclub" pages. 80% finished porting pages from old site. Found out why my "leaves" don't work. Kaninya!

January 29, 2003
Hard disk crashed last December. Failed to upload changes. Updated copyright notice to 2003. New officers list (2003). Changes in stylesheet.

November 27, 2002
Added Linking Policy. Changed homepage look with some java. Removed the right side leaves coz now it won't come out right in my browser. Damn.

November 22, 2002
In the process of making the Sitemap. Now, homepage doesn't work. Putatalaga. Will be integrating Gerryvee's old site and Jim's World AMCIpages to myAMCI soon.

November 06, 2002
Changed look for 2nd level pages. Included Photo of the Day. >8-p

November 02, 2002
Changed look for top level pages. Test mode. Included pulldown menu in navigation.

October 16, 2002
New look for Navigation. [Click here for ver0.2] Corrected code for new homepages: darn carriage returns.

October 08, 2002
New homepage every 30mins. Tripod CGI instruction wrong. Updated trainees list (135). Rollovers fine for Netscape and IE except for IE6.x+

October 01, 2002
Bug in the coding of my tables. External Javascript fux up image rollovers. New scrollbars. OFFICIAL site copyrights AMCI Mountaineers, Inc. and email Jim Samonte's World now ranks #12 in Yahoo! and Google search for "AMCI" keyword. Watch out for myAMCI!

September 18, 2002
Improved on the way enlarged pictures opened in a new window. Automagically closes, too! Included Sample BMC Final Exam. Made sure that the homepage is centered vertically and horizontally no matter what the screen resolution is.

September 12, 2002
Uploaded the rest of the pages. Was reminded that Tripod doesn't allow the "img" directory name, or whatever. Caused a lot of havoc in the look of this site.

August 21, 2002
Put up initial 2 pages.

July 02, 2002

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