Mt. Ugu Facts

AN INVITATION: Mt. Ugu Climb, March 22 to 24

March 3, 2003

You are invited to join the Mt. Ugu climb on March 22 to 24, 2003. We shall use the Kayapa, Nueva Viscaya - Itogon, Benguet traverse route.

We shall leave in the evening of March 21 Friday, participants shall take a leave of absence from their work on March 24 Monday.

We shall be back in Manila during the early morning of March 25 Tuesday, at the earliest.

Below are some facts about Mt. Ugu.

* Mt. Ugu is bounded by the provinces of Nueva Viscaya and Benguet.

* In June 26, 1987, a PAL Hawker Siddeley HS-748-209 Srs. 2 plane bound for Baguio crashed in Mt. Ugu. All 50 passengers and crew died in the crash.

* Below is the elevation of the places along the Kayapa, Nueva Viscaya - Itogon, Benguet route.
  DAY 1
  Kayapa, Nueva Viscaya                       1128 m
  Indupit (lunch area)                        1854 m
  Waiting shed 0 (new waiting shed)           not available
  Waiting shed 1 (Mt. Samento, Ansipsip)      1841 m
  Waiting shed 2                              1955 m
  Waiting shed 3 (Domolpos Saddle)            1765 m
  Mt. Ugu summit (camp 1)                     2168 m

  DAY 2
  Old saw mill (lunch area)                   1544 m
  Lusod                                       1256 m
  Bajay's campsite (camp 2)                   1293 m

  DAY 3
  Tinongdan                                    518 m
  Bagueng, Itogon, Benguet                     516 m  

  NOTE: The elevations were taken using a GPS courtesy
        of Bambi Guevarra, a trainee during BMC 2000.

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