Mga Patawa sa Bundok

Endangered Species

A guy is before the judge charged with killing a California condor. The judge won't have any arguments. He is furious. "Guilty or Not" asks the judge.

"Guilty, but..." says the man.
"3 years in jail and a $5000 fine." says the judge
"But your honor, please listen, I have an explanation."
"Ok" says the judge "But it better be good."
"My family and I were hiking in the woods and we got lost. We were out for days. My wife was near death when we found the condor injured, so we killed and ate him. The next day, we were rescued. We wouldn't have survived otherwise."

"Oh, I'm sorry" says the judge, "I didn't realize the situation. Ok, then, I'll suspend the sentence, and fine you $100."

The case is over and the judge and defendant later happen to find themselves in the same elevator, alone on the way out of the court building, were the poor man takes the opportunity once again to thank the judge.

The judge says, "No problem. By the way, I'm a bit of a hunter myself, and I've always wondered, What does a Condor taste like? Off the record, of course..."
The man looks at him and says,

"Well, it's kind of a cross between a baby seal and a Bald Eagle..."

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