Hiking Know-How Index

By GORP Hiking Expert Karen Berger

Take a hike!

It sounds simple enough—until you wander around your local outfitters and find out that to buy a rain jacket, you've got to decipher words that sound like they belong on a college chemistry test: polypropylene, microfiber, Triple Point Ceramic, Sympatex.

But there's no reason to be intimidated—really! Our ancestors lived in the woods, on the tundra, by the seashore, in the rain forest, and on the plains, taking shelter in teepees, tents, caves, huts, and igloos. Living outdoors is in our blood. All that fancy stuff just makes it a little easier.

GORP to the rescue! Our hiking pages contain information from basic planning to mounting an expedition. We'll tell you how to plan the perfect weekend getaway—or stock up for a six-month thru-hike. Want to know how to hang a bear bag? Pitch a tent? Pack a backpack? We'll tell you—click below to find the hiking know-how you're looking for:

Hiking Know-How Index

Get Started - If you're new to hiking, this is the place to learn the basics.
Where to Walk - It's a big world out there, but GORP has it covered.
Planning 101 - Basic preparations every hiker needs to make before hitting the trail.
Family and Partners - Who you hike with is as important as where you go.
Extreme Environments - Winter snow, desert sun, and high-country storms.
Trail Skills - Hiking and camping tricks for more comfort on the trail.
Route Finding - How to find your way, get unlost, and use a GPS receiver.
Boots and Blisters - Tips and tactics for happy, healthy hiking feet.
Gear - What you need and how to use it, from stoves to water filters to backpacks.
What to Wear - Outdoor clothes are in. Learn how to separate fact from fashion.
Food - Recipes, shopping lists, and cooking tips for your camp kitchen.
First Aid, Health, and Safety - How to avoid danger, confront emergencies, and keep bugs from ruining your day.

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