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Subject: MINUTES OF MEETING - January 28, 2003
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AMCI Mountaineering Club, Inc.
January 28, 2003
5/f Glorietta 4, Ayala Center
Makati City


1. 2002 Officers

    Kat Palasi, Trustee/Chairperson
    Arnel Gabilan, Trustee/Vice Chairperson
    Jay de Guzman, Trustee/Corporate Secretary
    Momoy Ayaton, Trustee
    Cheryl Bihag, Trustee
    Manny Torralba, President
    Jigjig Macaspac, VP Internal Affairs
    Reynaldo Ferbandos, Auditor

2. 2003 Officers

    Bing Gimenez, Trustee/Vice Chairperson
    Mommy Mac Aurellado, Trustee/Corporate Secretary
    John Pete Agcaoili, Trustee/PRO
    Jigjig Macaspac, Trustee
    Jun Delmo, Trustee
    Arnel Gabilan, President
    Arlene Teodoro, VP Internal Affairs
    Jay de Guzman, VP External Affairs
    Joen Fortuno, Treasurer
    Eena Nonato, Auditor

3. Others

    Maricor Baron, Election Committee
    Xenon Walde, 20th Anniversary Committee


1. Xenon Walde gave an update on the activities lined up for the 20th
   anniversary celebration.  He discussed the details of the 20-km.
   Relay Run set for February 1 Saturday.  A separate e-mail will be
   posted on January 29 Wednesday in connection with the activity.

   Below are the activities for the 20th anniversary celebration.

   February  1          20-km. Relay Run

             8 -  9     Talipan, Puerto Galera

            14          E-mail launching - Poll Survey: 20 Great
                        Reasons to be an AMCI Member

            15          AMCI Valentine Hunting

            15 - 16     Retracing Banahaw

            28          Thanksgiving Mass & Gala Celebration
                        Launching - Search for the 20 Outstanding
                        AMCI Members

   Other activities for the year:

                        AMCI Family Day
                        Friendship Climbs
                        Coffee Table Book
                        20 Peaks
                           - Environment
                           - Alliance Mountaineering Forum (Luzon)
                        The Green Project (with True Value & PBSP)

2. Maricor reported on the recently concluded AMCI elections held
   on January 22 at the penthouse of the MSE building.  They will
   submit the written closure report on January 29 Wednesday.

3. The trustees elected from among themselves the Chairperson, Vice
   Chairperson, Corporate Secretary, and PRO.  Maricor facilitated
   the election.

   Below is the election result.

   Chairperson          Tonyboy Ongsiako
   Vice Chairperson     Bing Gimenez
   Corporate Secretary  Mommy Mac Aurellado
   PRO                  John Pete Agcaoili

4. Tonyboy Ongsiako, Bing Gimenez, and Arnel Gabilan are the new bank
   signatories of the Club.  Jay will e-mail to Mommy Mac a copy of the
   secretary certificate for the changing of bank signatories.  She
   will then submit the updated and notarized secretary certificate to
   Joen on January 29 Wednesday.

5. The schedule, start/end time of monthly board meetings were made
   and approved.

   Below is the schedule of monthly board meetings from February 2003
   to January 2004.

   FEBRUARY  4     JUNE      3     OCTOBER   7
   MARCH     4     JULY      1     NOVEMBER  4
   APRIL     1     AUGUST    5     DECEMBER  2
   MAY       6     SEPTEMBER 2     JANUARY   6

   Call time of board meetings is 6:30 PM, meeting starts 7:00 PM, and
   ends 9:00 PM.

6. The 2003 officers were given temporary moderator status in the AMCI
   group e-mail.  They can now post messages directly to the members
   subscribed in the AMCI group e-mail.

   Also, the 2003 officers were subscribed to the AMCI officers group

7. Turnover shall be made by the 2002 officers incrementally with their
   2003 counterparts.

for AMCI,

AMCI Batch 2001

Corporate Secretary
AMCI Mountaineering Club, Inc.

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