AMCI Members Save Civet Cat

Subject: AMCI Members Save Civet Cat
Date:    Thursday, March 13, 2003 1:26 PM

A group of AMCI members - Sol Baluyot, Susan Garcia, Rochelle Pacaldo, Joyce Pacquing and Mau Alcazar chanced upon a civet cat, locally known as "musang" during their occular inspection of possible venues for AMCI's 2003 Outdoor Summer Kids' Camp last weekend.

The poor cat was bloodied, gagged in the mouth, and its legs bounded by nylon cord. It was in the possession of a group of kids who caught it in a trap in the forest. They were going to sell it as "pulutan". Mau negotiated for the sale of the cat, he eventually paid PHP 500.00 for it. He placed the cat in old bird cage, which he bought for PHP 90.00.

They brought the civet cat, which they named "Mooci" to the Parks and Wildlife office in Quezon City. In return, AMCI was issued a certificate for the rescue of Mooci, the Musang.

Incidentally, Mau will be attending Haribon Foundation's training for its anti-illegal wildlife campaign as AMCI's official representative. The training is this Saturday March 15, 2003 9:00 AM at the Haribon Foundation office.

Kudos to Mau and the rest of the group!

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