WANTED: Volunteers for the AMCI Outdoor Summer Youth Camp 2003

Subject: WANTED: Volunteers for the AMCI Outdoor Summer Youth Camp 2003
Date:    Monday, April 07, 2003 11:01 AM

Calling all AMCI members

Be a lecturer, be a GL, be a Kuya or Ate, be a part of AMCI fund raising project, be a volunteer and have fun!

Pls come and invite parents to join their kids to the 2003 AMCI Summer Outdoor Youth Camp

Mumarco Camp
Tanay, Rizal

General information:
total land area=60 hectares
45kms from Manila. Near Camp Capinpin. Inside the camp may 45-minute trek to Bathala Falls and before the camp is the Daranak and Batlag Falls.


per kid participant: Php1800
per kid participant related to AMCI: Php 1500

per AMCI participant camp Entrance Fee: Php 300
and estimated transportation cost(optional) from Ortigas to Mumarco: Php200

but wait......malayo mararating ng 300 pesos nyo!!

for Php 300
- use of mumarco camp facilities
- tents will be provided
- safety equipment, facilitator will be provided for the high ropes and low ropes events.

high ropes
-26ft wall climbing
-cliff rappelling
-slide for life- you will slide down from a tree about 20 feet in elevation and 30 feet across another tree

low ropes
-spider web
-low v
-confidence line
-obstacle course
- more..depende kung kaya nyo pa

-may river,batis,waterfalls,animals..

there's more...

if you will bring your vechicle, FREE ENTRANCE PLUS MAY GAS MONEY KAYO
provided at least 4 AMCI will ride with you. and that 4 AMCI participants will have to pay the entrance (300) and tranportation cost (200).


For more information, you may call -
     Marris - 09209027984
     Joyce  - 09202587617 or 4114882
     Sol    - 09165536650 or 7311089
     Mau    - 09176429786
     San    - 09177935240
     Csar   - 09198626760
for AMCI,

AMCI Batch 1994

Camp Directress
AMCI Outdoor Summer Youth Camp 2003

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