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November 27, 2000

Fellow AMCI Members and BMC 2000 Inductees:

Starting this Wednesday November 29, the venue of our weekly meetings will be at the top-most level of the Greenbelt Car Park 6:30 PM.

FYI for AMCI Batch 2000, AMCI members call it "the Summit".


1. scribes' reports
2. announcement of incoming activities
3. pre-climbs
4. brag time
5. others


BTW saan ba ang mga lakad this coming weekend?

November 30 Thursday is a holiday.  It will be a long weekend if people take the day off from work on December 1 Friday.  Four days po ito! Magpakita kayo sa Wednesday to know kung saan-saan ang mga gimik.  Sana imbitahan ninyo kami.


ATTENTION AMCI Batch 2000: Kumusta na ang preparations for the Christmas party?  Please coordinate with Xenon Walde of the Membership Committee.


We are currently updating our (e-)mailing list. If you know AMCI members who are not part of it yet, please refer them to us.

Most of AMCI Batch 2000 are already enrolled in amci@egroups.com, FYI. Those enrolled in amcibatch2000@egroups.com will receive 2 copies of this message.

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