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Outdoor Links

The United Nations has proclaimed 2002 as the International Year of Mountains (IYM) to increase international awareness of the global importance of mountain ecosystems.

IYM 2002 logo

Leave No Trace, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Boulder, CO

Leave No Trace Adventures

Traveling Trainers - Learn about the Subaru-Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers. Their teams of creative, dynamic educators (Team East and Team West) are currently traveling from state to state in a Subaru vehicle, teaching diverse groups of outdoor enthusiasts how to be good stewards of the land.

Other LNT Links

National Geographic

Original AMCI Website by GerryVee, mirrored in Jim's World. Filipinas Library no longer hosts the old one. (www.fillib.org.ph/amci/)

Original AMCI Website by GerryVee, moved to DreamWater.net; also - http://welcome.to/amci (no longer available!)

Habagat Outdoor Shops - Manila and Cebu



The North Face

Deuter Backpacks

Montrail Boots


Green Forum Philippines
3rd Floor Liberty Bldg. 835 Pasay Road Makati
#818-3207, #816-0986

Singarong Backpackers - The Singarong Backpackers believes that the practice of nonguided tropical climbing is the ultimate goal of mountaineering in the Philippine setting. The SB website offers resources for climbing in the Northern Negros Forest Reserve and other Philippine mountains outside its turf - Victoria, Negros Occidental

Power Up

Take A Hike! - Take A Hike: Your source of information for guided hiking tours through the Philippines panoramic hiking wilderness

Take a Hike! - Hiking tours for La Union, Philippines - this is a f---ing great site!

UP Mountaineers Club

Best of Cyber Pinoys

Hakbang Kalikasan Mountaineering Societys - The Hakbang Kalikasan Mountaineering Society is a group of young, energetic, and sports minded people that promotes mountaineering and help preserve Mother Nature

Hazelle & Co Goes to Eco-Summer Camping Adventure '99 - Sitio Salkak, Landan Polomolok, South Cotabato

Trail Blazers - club involved in hikes, nature trips, outdoor activities and water hobbies like swimming, windsurfing, snorkelling, kayaking and diving

Bundok Philippines - the Bundok Philippines Website is about making the boondocks a little less inaccessible. It's about the Philippine mountains and other wild areas: where to find them and how to explore them. Besides exploring, you'll find a little about history and the critical issue of conservation

Tropang Kubaw - group of mountaineers, rock climbers and cavers - I love this site - for a lot of reasons - and also because I used to be an avid spelunker when caving was still not en vogue; this was back in 1973-74 when a bunch of us from UP High would go to Montalban to explore the caves there ...

MESAU - Mountaineering and Exploration Society of Adamson University

Mountain and Coastal Terrain Trekkers

Montrail Boots - Bacolod City - a school-based outdoors group of the University of St. La Salle - also a very wonderful website - they have a feature on Yato Island - a small island off Guimaras that I have been to back in 1975.

La Union Hash House Harriers - home site of the La Union hashers based in San Fernando, La Union. This site includes a very informative introduction to hashing. So if you want to know what hashing is, go to this site

Elf Authentic Adventure - extreme sport(s) of alternating orienteering, kayaking, potholing, canoeing, roller blading and coast navigating over 600 km of rough terrain and treacherous waters in the provinces of Biliran, Leyte and Samar - in French and English

Yusung Adventure - quality backpacks, bags and accessories - Mariveles, Bataan

Bataan House Harriers - part of the social hounds and hares sporting group, sometimes called: "a beer drinking club with a running problem"

Mount Santo Tomas Hash House Harriers - information on trekking with the Mount Santo Tomas Hash House Harriers based at La Union, Philippines - re-listing

Philippines Hash House Harrier Clubs

Montrail Boots - Information on the locations and activities of the Hash House Harrier clubs located in the Philippines.

Puerto Galera Hash House Harriers - Details from a Hash kennel located at the diving capital of the Philippines, Mindoro.

Puerto Galera HHH - hash house harriers - "a beer drinking club with a running problem"

AKYAT - Adventurer Kampers and Youth Action Team - organization committed to education and training of its members, to further enhance each member's mountaineering skills and leadership abilities, to promote the ethical use of wilderness resources, to maintain a high level of safety while engaging in mountaineering activities, and to provide the members with a variety of activities in which to participate - Cebu

AMA Mountaineering Society - A Makati City based mountaineering Club...Visit our web page " Limang taong SAYA... Buo pa rin at sama-sama".

The Association of Philippine Mountaineers - the first mountaineering group to be able to traverse the crater of Mt. Pinatubo after its eruption

Ateneo Outdoors Club: Mountaineering in the Philippines - Information about mountaineering in the Philippines through the elite Ateneo High School Outdoors Club.

Backpacking atbp - Guides and tips on trekking the Philippine Outdoors

Backpacking in the Philippines - quite a good site but it could be better - lacks pictures that's why

Banahaw de Dolores Outdoor Club - Conserving and preserving mother nature is our goal

Brian Baquiran - personal page of full time hacker and mountaineer - with an account of a trekking trip to Mt. Talimitam in Batangas

Climbing Mount Makiling - a first timer's exhilirating experience climing Mt. Makiling - the website really shows it including a cheesy top of the world backgroung music ... from Melina Layusa Miralles's Forever Blue webpage

Climbing Mayon Volcano - from Philippine Journeys

Sites Dedicated to the Preservation of the Environment (Philippines)


Typhoon 2000 The Philippines' First Website on Tropical Cyclones. Providing latest up-to-date information on storms & typhoons visiting or affecting the archipelago.

2. ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc - Bantay Kalikasan
An arm of ABS-CBN foundation which promotes the salvation of our Natural Resources.

3. UP Haribon Website
This is the official website of the UP Haribon for the conservation of natural resources.

4. The Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources
The environment's best & worst.

5. World Wildlife Fund Philippines
The new official web site of Kabang Kalikasan ng Pilipinas or WWF-Philippines, an organization helping build a future in which Filipinos live in harmorny with nature.

6. Balik Kalikasan Online
The English online version of Balik Kalikasan, Babilonia Wilner Foundation's free monthly Tagalog newspaper. BWF is a non-governmental, non-profit, environmentalist organization based in Manila with projects in Quezon & Camarines Sur.

7. oneocean
The web site of Coastal Resource Management Project (CRMP). CRMP is a 5-year (1996-2001) project which provides technical assistance and training to local governments and communities in coastal resource management.
oneocean is devoted to promoting awareness for coastal environmental management and protection. Making full use of web technology, the site features coastal resource management and marine conservation initiatives in the Philippines and around the world. Its main message: the loss of one resource in one locality can have repercussions on a global scale.

8. Weathernews Philippines
Comprehensive Philippine weather news on-line.

Ocean Heritage is a foundation formed to address this dire need to protect and conserve the marine environment not only for the turtle but for all other life forms that inhabit the ocean. The whole logo design embodies the moving force behind Ocean Heritage - an active pursuit of activities that are dedicated to the preservation of endangered marine creatures.

10. International Marinelife Alliance Philippines
Dedicated to the preservation, conservation and protection of our marine habitat.

From the webby awards.

1. Sentro para sa Ikauunlad ng Katutubong Agham at Teknolohiya -
SIKAT is a non-government organization implemnting community-based coastal resource management , specifically at the Zambales coast. It also conducts researches regarding and advocacy work for fisheries policy reform.

2. 109th Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Squadron Website -
Welcome aboard the 109th Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Squadron. The Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary is the support group of the Philippine Coast Guard made up of dedicated and civic-spirited personnel committed to a noble cause.

3. Animal Welfare Group -
Based at the University of the Philippines Los Banos for the ethical treatment and well-being of animals through education, research and public information.

5. Biodiversity Information Center - Plants Unit -
As an information resource center, the BIC-Plants Unit aims to serve the widest possible segment of the Philippine community and other inquirers from here and abroad.

5. Center for Advanced Philippine Studies -
A non-profit, non-stock research foundation, which conducts relevant researches and projects on strategic issues on urban environmental management most especially in the area of, integrated sustainable waste management.

6. Center for Environmental Concerns - Philippines -
CEC is a non-government organization committed to the protection of our country's resources.

7. cescod -
this is a site of a non-governmental organization involved in environmental protection, conservation & advocacy in partnership with other NGOs in zamboanga del norte and other parts of mindanao.Special concern is given to large scale mining projects.

8. Concerned Divers for the Philippines -
A non-stock, not-for-profit organization that advocates environmental awareness among its members and friends.

9. Developmental Advocacy of Women Volunteerism -
A non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage and mobilize women from various sectors of society to volunteer their time and resources in the service of the poor.

10. Earth Calls -
I'm a 24,500 hectare tropical, mountain forest in the southern Philippines. Are you interested in my message?

11. EMB Official Web Site -
The Official web site of the EMB-DENR. EMB is the lead agency in formulating and implementing environmental policies in the Philippines.

12. feet4earth -
A network of non-profit Earth-vironment & Adventure Travel organizations created for the purpose of camaraderie and teamwork among local and foreign members in fun-venturing to places near and far in the Phils. from air, land to sea.

13. First Signs Corporation -
A private company providing air quality data through income derived from outdoor advertising.

14. Gaia South, Inc. Environmental Consultants -
Gaia South Inc. Environmental Consultants (Gaia) is a professional service organization seeking to promote the concept of sustainable development.

15. Green Mindanao -
works for the preservation of wilderness areas, and focus public attention on logging practices, biodiversity, and conservation

16. Habagat at Amihan -

17. Haribon Foundation -
State of the Philippine Environment.

18. Haribon Foundation, Philippines -
Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources-Established in 1972, the Haribon Foundation is today regarded as a pioneer of the environmental movement and one of the most active environmental organizations in the Philippines.. In 1984,...

19. Haribon UST -
This site contains information about Haribon University of Santo Tomas. Haribon-UST is a youth chapter of Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of the Natural Resources. Its main concern is to educate people on environmental issues. It helps en...

20. Industrial Initiatives for a Sustainable Environment (IISE) -
This is the official website of Industrial Initiatives for a Sustainable Environment (IISE)- a project funded by USAID, managed by Chemonics International and implemented in the Philippines through its government partners - DENR, DTI and PCG.

21. International Society for the Advancement of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries -
ISAAFF is a worthwhile undertaking with a vision to link Filipino and pro-Filipino scientists and researchers worldwide to bring forth advancements in the fields of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in our country.

22. KALIKASAN People's Network for the Environment -
A network of People's Organizations, Nongovernment Organizations and environmental advocates.

23. Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center - Kasama sa Kalikasan -
LRC-KSK / Friends of the Earth - Phils. is a legal and policy research and advocacy institution. Established in 1987, it is organized as a non-stock, non-profit, non-partisan, cultural, scientific and research foundation.

24. Light Net Philippines -
A bi-monthly bulletin featuring alternative ways of saving the earth such as meditation, practical goodwill, peace triangles, influencing collective thought and activism.

25. Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems -
The Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems (MCME) is a new unit of the College of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of the Philippines Los Baños.

26. PALA -
The official web page of the Philippine Association of Landscape Architects.

27. Philippine Animal Welfare Society -
A newly organized group of animal lovers that promote and protect the welfare of our endemic wild animals especially the one found in the island of Cebu where our group is based.

29. Pilipinas Sierra -
Pilipinas Sierra is a civic/environmental organization

30. Prime Project Industrial Ecology Module -
A website on the Industrial Ecology Module of Prime Project, features articles and information on industrial ecology

The unofficial web page of PRRM Camarines Norte Project Office

32. Rip Tide -
an EPM webbie. home of the EPstudents (Environmental Planning and Management)

33. Rotary Club of Manila Bay Egroups -
The Egroups Mailing List of the Rotary Club of Manila Bay, District 3810

34. Save the Lakes Movement -
People working together to clean up the highly polluted 7 volcanic crater lakes in the city of San Pablo.

35. The Adventures of Franthony -
This website is owned by Francis Anthony Ramos, a Senior high school student of University of St. La Salle-Integrated School. He is also the present chairman of the board of the Young Christians for Environment Rescue.

36. The Clean and Green Club -
This is a club for kids ages 5 to 15 years old who would like to share information about taking care of our environmnet through newsletters, crafts, links and other fun activities. We are the Earthsavers of the Future.

37. The Firefly Brigade
The Firefly Brigade is a citizen's action group formed in 1999 to work for clean air and a habitable, people-friendly environment in our cities.

38. Tulong Pinoy Movement -
Tulong Pinoy envision Filipinos who are poverty-free, educated, enterprising and productive, living in dignity, peace, and mutual sharing.

39. United Nations Environment Programme - Youth Advisory Council (Asia-Pacific Region) -
It is a site of Youth Council under the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) based in Kenya. One of the Advisor of the Council is a Fililpino youth leader.

41. World Waste Camp Corporation -
We especialize on waste management and disposal system

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